Resiliency in Existing Conditions: Eastgate Hotel

Innspace R&D

Building a project is inherently challenging, each one presenting unique needs that require adaptability, and The Eastgate Hotel was no exception.

Our project scope involved refreshing public areas and branding the property. Despite the inevitable issues that arose during construction, our resourcefulness allowed us to stay within budget and timeline. Here’s how:

Optimizing the Layout to Save on Flooring Costs

The original plan required removing the existing restaurant breakfast area and bar to create a new breakfast bar, at least 25 feet long. To achieve the desired look, we proposed an L-shaped counter with a shorter section for coffee and a larger section for food.

However, upon removing the bar area, we discovered the flooring underneath was unusable. Replacing it posed a challenge due to the difficulty of matching old construction materials. To avoid a mismatch, we swiftly revised our layout to include a linear counter and an island. This new design covered the space previously occupied by the peninsula, reducing the amount of floor patching needed.

Finding an exact match for the flooring was complex, but our extensive network of material providers enabled us to find a close enough match to maintain the aesthetic integrity of the space. This subtle yet impactful adjustment ensured we stayed within budget while delivering a beautiful result.

Adjusting design intent to accommodate unexpected conditions.

Island at adjusted location
Floor match at damaged location

Millwork – Sourcing the Right Wood

The new millwork finish needed to match an existing wooden wall to ensure the new elements didn’t feel out of place. We sourced multiple samples from various suppliers across the country to find the perfect match.

This task required a deep understanding of wood properties and finishes. Our team meticulously compared samples, considering factors such as grain, color, and texture to ensure a harmonious blend. By maintaining a consistent look throughout the space, we enhanced the overall aesthetic appeal and provided a cohesive design that met the client’s expectations.

Casework match to wood wall
Casework match to wood wall - Detail

Exterior Signage – Achieving Color Consistency

When we removed a sign six stories up, it left a poorly painted surface behind. To restore it, we spent considerable time matching the new paint with the aged, sun-exposed exterior.

Paint behaves differently at various heights due to sun exposure and humidity, so we conducted tests at height to ensure a seamless blend, while keeping the building’s exterior looking consistent and well-maintained.

Our approach to sourcing the right paint involved a meticulous process of trial and error. We started by collecting samples from various suppliers and testing them on the building’s exterior. This method allowed us to observe how the paint reacted to different environmental conditions and ensured that the final result would blend seamlessly with the existing façade.  

Our Strategic Renovation Approach  

Addressing the challenges of existing construction is crucial for project success. At Innspace, we are equipped to handle these concerns with our expertise, extensive network of providers, and a problem-solving mindset. Our approach to the Eastgate Hotel renovation highlighted our ability to adapt to unforeseen issues and find resourceful solutions that maintain both budget and timeline.

Whether it’s optimizing layouts to avoid costly replacements or sourcing materials that match existing conditions, our team is prepared to tackle any challenge.  By leveraging our experience and industry connections, we can deliver high-quality results that align with the project's goals and brand standards. Our commitment to excellence and our ability to navigate the complexities of construction projects make us a reliable partner for property owners looking to enhance their spaces without breaking the bank.