Unlocking Project Potential through Comprehensive Scoping

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Client-Driven Scoping

Scoping a project is inherently challenging due to the diverse interests of various stakeholders. Brands seek alignment with their standards, while owners focus on budgets and timelines. This often results in a complex web where the project’s direction is not immediately clear. At Innspace, we excel in navigating these complexities. Our expertise allows us to collaborate closely with property owners while ensuring brand alignment.  

Our approach involves understanding and prescribing the project program based on three main elements: the Brand Property Improvement Plan (PIP), Discovery Workshops, and Historical Data from our proprietary tech platform.

Our Tools

1. Brand Property Improvement Plan (PIP)

When available, we meticulously study the Brand PIP to grasp the brand’s intent for the property. This involves a detailed comparison of the PIP with the available budget, specified timeline, and other influential parameters.

This initial alignment is essential for avoiding costly changes and ensuring that all stakeholders are on the same page from the outset. Furthermore, securing the brand’s approval on the PIP early in the process helps streamline subsequent phases of the project, as it minimizes the risk of miscommunication and rework.  

If a PIP isn’t available, we leverage our other tools to create a program that can be shared with the brand, ensuring that the project meets their expectations even in the absence of an official document.

2. Discovery Workshop

We conduct a series of activities facilitated by our team using a digital whiteboard, designed to foster focused conversations about priorities, specific areas for improvement, the desired look and feel, and particular items that should remain or be replaced. These workshops also cover new ideas and the overall vision for the project.  

Encouraging active participation from all stakeholders ensures that every perspective is considered, forming a shared understanding and agreement on the project’s direction. The primary objective is to define the project’s program through collaborative participation, addressing diverse ideas and insights to establish clear priorities and expectations early on. Early agreements help facilitate smoother project progression in later stages, making subsequent phases more efficient and cohesive. This approach ensures the project aligns with the needs and goals of all stakeholders involved.

3. Historical Data from Our Proprietary Tech Platform

Our proprietary tech platform is integral to our project scoping process, utilizing decades of historical data on scope, cost, timelines, logistics, and other critical factors. This extensive database enables us to draw from past projects to inform future endeavors with remarkable accuracy. By combining insights from discovery workshops and the Brand PIP, we formulate well-informed recommendations that are precisely tailored to the project's unique needs and the brand's standards.

The access to comprehensive historical data ensures that our recommendations are grounded in proven outcomes, allowing us to set realistic budgets and timelines while accurately predicting potential challenges and opportunities. This integrated approach provides clients with a detailed and realistic view of what to expect, facilitating smoother project progression.

The Outcome

The culmination of our discovery process is a comprehensive and actionable project scope that aligns with all stakeholder expectations. For property owners, this means they don’t need to have a detailed program figured out from the start—working with us means we help uncover and define it. Our thorough analysis, informed by the Brand PIP, insights from discovery workshops, and historical data from our proprietary tech platform, results in well-grounded recommendations tailored to the project’s unique needs.

By establishing clear priorities and expectations early on, we facilitate smoother project progression in later stages, ensuring efficiency and cohesiveness. Our approach aligns with the brand's standards while optimizing for budget, timelines, and logistics, providing a realistic view of the project’s trajectory. This methodology ensures that every aspect of the project is meticulously planned and executed, allowing property owners to focus on their core objectives while we manage the complexities of project scoping and execution.