Advancing Hotel Guest Experiences through Innovative Hospitality Renovation

Innspace r&d

At Innspace, we are at the forefront of national hotel renovation, specializing in enhancing guest experiences through our comprehensive in-house capabilities.

Our recent project, a 138,000 square-foot property, required a transformative renovation strategy. Committed to innovation, we harnessed the latest in LiDAR scanning and Revit BIM modeling to adeptly navigate through decades of architectural changes.

Design and Construction in Unison

What sets us apart at Innspace is our integrated model of both designing and constructing projects. This method promotes a collaborative environment, ensuring that all team members across various phases—design, project management, procurement, logistics, and construction—are actively engaged. We excel in revitalizing aged buildings, transforming them into appealing destinations for guests.

The driving force behind this renovation was the property's outdated presence. Our objective was to rebrand the hotel to inject vibrancy and attract attention. Located near Washington’s capital and a major highway, we aimed to leverage the potential for attracting significant government-related visitor traffic.

Leveraging Advanced Technologies

Our project embraced the use of cutting-edge Revit models, electrical plan sketches, still images of MEP, and 360° photos, ensuring a thorough planning and execution process.

Video by PPM

Design Philosophy: Inspired by Nature

Our design team brought a renewed energy to the space, drawing inspiration from the surrounding natural beauty and local traditions. This approach saw the introduction of vibrant yet earthy tones and organic materials in the lobby, mirroring Olympia’s natural setting, to forge a strong environmental connection.

Transitioning to a Voco Hotel: A Milestone Achievement

The hotel's transition to a Voco, an upscale lifestyle brand under the InterContinental Hotels Group, represented a significant milestone for us.

This marked the first Voco establishment on the West Coast of the United States, highlighting the project’s success and the extensive approval process it entailed.

“Even though we approach design from a conceptual perspective, we make sure that we are designing to reality, which is where PPM comes in. We want to make sure anything we're proposing fits within the boundaries of the building, and this is only possible if we're working with an As-Built model.”
– Nayive Kalkach, Project Designer at Innspace

The Role of As-Built Technology in Project Management

We utilize advanced point cloud data and Revit BIM models across our teams. This technology is crucial for precise budgeting and construction time management, enhancing client confidence through detailed visual presentations.

Our reliance on Revit models underscores our commitment to maintaining accuracy and control over projects from start to finish. This technology allows us to propose plans, materials, and designs with confidence, backed by the most accurate information available.

LiDAR technology allowed us to uncover details not visible through conventional methods, providing a complete and accurate view of the property’s condition, essential for informed decision-making.

Our work on As-Built plans underscores the essential role of accurate documentation in our projects. By engaging with partners like PPM, we ensure access to meticulously detailed models that accurately reflect the physical layout of spaces we are transforming. This commitment to precision is fundamental to the success of our projects.

This approach to renovation demonstrates how our creative vision and meticulous planning come together seamlessly. By embracing cutting-edge technology and building strong collaborations, we significantly improve the guest experience, setting new standards in the field of hospitality renovation.