Elevated Hospitality: Unveiling Innspace's Rebrand

Innspace r&d

Established in 1994, Innspace has continually evolved to meet the ever-changing demands of diverse markets and services. As we've grown, we've recognized the need for a brand that truly reflects our commitment to our discerning clientele in the luxury & lifestyle market, which has inspired our recent rebrand.

Brand Core

Our refined mission focuses on the heart of our business: designing and constructing exceptional hospitality environments for the sophisticated global traveler who seeks unique experiences.

Our vision aligns with our mission by setting a long-term goal to create unparalleled hospitality destinations.

We prioritize guest experiences by embracing a multidisciplinary approach, where technology, human factors, aesthetics, and local context harmoniously converge to enrich every traveler's journey.

We reevaluated our values, embracing a collaborative culture that strives for excellence and empowers each employee to act as a leader within their discipline. Our core values include Excellence, Holistic Thinking, Collaboration, and Leadership.

The new tagline, "Experience Elevated," encapsulates the essence of Innspace's brand. The versatile phrase can stand alone, emphasizing an elevated experience or be paired with descriptive terms to highlight the various services and elements that Innspace offers.

Visual Identity

Our logo features a timeless, elegant font with a playful twist on the double 'N.' Innspace believes that the synergy of our three main branches—Design, Procurement, and Construction—is integral to the success of any project. The 'N's come together to form a three-legged shape, symbolizing this vital balance.

The new mark evolves from our previous symbol, transforming it into a three-dimensional volume with three sides, each representing one of our core disciplines. These essential, equal elements create a pyramid-like volume with its own personality. In its static form, the mark represents a top view, simplifying into a triangular symbol. The mark exudes a subtle, ethereal character that is ever-changing.

Our color palette leans towards darker tones, accentuated by hints of teal, sage, and peach. We aim for a tranquil and understated palette that allows each project to take center stage, reflecting our sophisticated and charming identity.

As we unveil our reimagined brand identity, we invite you to embark on this exciting journey with Innspace. We remain dedicated to delivering unparalleled service and expertise in the luxury hospitality market, crafting exceptional environments that elevate the experiences of our sophisticated global clientele. We are grateful for your continued support and look forward to sharing our passion for intelligent, imaginative, and charming design in this new chapter of Innspace's story. Experience Elevated.