founded in the pacific northwest, 1994

Design, procurement, and construction. Integrated.

Our team creates one-of-a-kind spaces through unparalleled collaboration.

With a wealth of knowledge and individual expertise, we're comprised of top talent from across the broad range of disciplines required for each project.

our team

We embrace the richness of our team's collective experiences

Our company culture is built on a foundation of diversity, excellence, holistic thinking, collaboration, and leadership. We believe that by upholding these values, we can create a positive impact on the world around us and achieve success in our work.

"The greatest advantage Innspace afforded to me was their integrated approach. The other two contactors were more traditional
bidders whereby I would have had to hire separate Architects, Designers, Project Managers and Contractors, which left the final
cost for the project as an unknown number.”

Andy Sabatini, Hotel Owner