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A place inspired by the ethereal beauty of nature and steeped in local tradition.

Situated in the enchanting region of the Pacific Northwest, WA, the hotel's design embodies a delicate balance between nature, local tradition, and the unique characteristics of the voco brand.

The property's design is infused with a warm, neutral palette, which serves as the perfect canvas for voco's signature pops of honey yellow, and distinctive textures.

These vibrant elements effortlessly coalesce with the earthy tones, patterns, and organic materials inspired by the area's natural surroundings, establishing a strong connection to the environment.

It pays homage to the region's cultural heritage by incorporating locally inspired materials and design features that offer a genuine and unforgettable experience.

This seamless integration of voco's brand presence with nature-inspired aesthetics and local influences not only exemplifies the brand's dedication to creating immersive and memorable stays but also establishes the property as a dependable choice for visitors seeking accommodations in this city.

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